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Professional, caring and efficient

This note is a long time in coming but “better late than never”. We want you to know that our move from the Kingston Peninsula, NB then to storage in Saint John, NB and finally out to Kelowna, BC, was as close to the perfect move as can be. We have moved before, but this time, Dave and I, as retired folks, were on our own. My expectations were not high since we tried to make the long move as inexpensive as possible. This move turned out to be the best move we have ever had!

Gary Hicken was amazing, and patient, since we started looking at our moving options about 18 months before our house on the Peninsula even sold. Then, about a year before we sold, Mike came out and packed up some of our breakable things. When the house did sell, it sold quickly and we had only 25 days to vacate a 10 acre property and 3000 sq. ft. house. I was stressed to the max and all of your employees were simply wonderful. Mike came back and packed up some stuff and Dave and I packed things like pillows and blankets. In the final few days, each employee (I am sorry that I have forgotten their names) did a grand job and we all laughed throughout the last few hours as the stuff went on the truck and into storage. Whew!

Just to complicate things, before we actually moved, I decided that I wanted to take some items off the load and leave it with friends in Saint John, NB. No problem! We laughed the whole time we were at the storage facility. There were many funny stories about our move west.

Although I was not there to meet the van, Dave and our daughter were. The unloading was apparently as impressive as the loading. Your employees are exceptional. They were professional, caring and efficient. Thank you so much for making this move as easy as is possible. I will not be needing you again however, since I have told my family that my next move is going to be into a nursing home!